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Customers that do not have an open account with Soda Prop Shop are required to leave a security deposit of $1000 in advance of picking up an order. We accept cash or cheque for payment and security deposits. Please be aware that all funds will be deposited and can only be refunded to the original renter on the contract. If you leave a cash deposit it will be refunded to you in the form of a cheque payable to the renter. 

Deposits will be refunded when all of the returned props are processed and it is determined that the order was returned on time and that there are not any charges for lost and/or damaged props. If there are late charges or charges for lost and damaged props, these charges will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining deposit funds will be returned to you. 

Props are rented and invoiced on a weekly basis. The rental period begins on the day of pick-up and continues for seven days. At the end of the seventh day, we allow you one extra “grace” day to return your props. If props are not returned by 4pm on the grace day they will be charged at the first week rental rate.

**Handling Charges: If an order is cancelled after it has been processed for pick-up, a 25% re-stocking fee (handling charge) will be assessed for those items that were already packed for shipment.​ 

We offer production rental discounts to our customers, but they are not automatic. They must be established at the time the order is placed. (A production rental discount cannot be generated retroactively after an order has shipped.)
Production rental discounts run as follows:
- First week Full price 
- Second week 50% of first week rental price
- Third week  25% of first week rental price
- Fourth week 25% of first week rental price
It is important to note that if orders are returned after the production rental time period expires, weekly late charges accrue at the rate of the first week rental.
Production rentals are billed in their entirety during the first week of the rental. We do not provide “credits” if the props are returned early.
In the event you have questions about our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

All damaged items will be returned to Soda Prop Shop. Lessee shall be required to pay for all items lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair by any cause, within thirty (30) days after date of invoice based upon the value of each such item.  Rental charges paid or accrued for each such item will not be applied against the purchase price thereof. In lieu of payment for items lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, Lessee may replace the same with similar items of like kind and quality as determined by SPS in its sole discretion. Lessee shall pay the cost of the repair of all items which are damaged but capable of being repaired. Amounts due pursuant to this Paragraph not paid within thirty (30) days of invoice shall be subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month.  SPS shall be under no obligation to replace or repair equipment until Lessee has paid for the damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. Loss of use shall be determined by the actual loss sustained by SPS. Accrued rental charges shall not be applied against the purchase price or cost of repairs of the lost, stolen or damaged equipment. 

Lessee assumes all responsibility for rented items while in its possession and promises to return the same to Lessor in as good conditions as when received, Lessee will immediately discontinue use of any item should it at any time become unsafe or in a state or disrepair. Further, Lessee will immediately notify SPS that such item is unsafe and in disrepair and until such time as Lessor has obtained possession of such item, Lessee agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary to prevent further damage to the item and to prevent injuries to any person and property from such item. From the time SPS takes delivery of the leased property, until the property is returned to SPS during normal business hours and SPS accepts the property, Lessee assumes all risks of loss and responsibility for any damage Lessee causes, including but not limited to all risks and losses while in transit, while at all locations, while in storage and while on Lessee’s premises.